Chain legal authorisation

The Digital Government Act will come into effect in 2021. Entrepreneurs who outsource their (subsidy) application to an intermediary are obliged to issue a chain authorisation. This also applies to applications that we submit on behalf of your organization. On this page we give you more information about this chain authorisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new law 'Digital Government Act', which will soon take effect, obliges entrepreneurs who outsource their (subsidy) application to authorise their intermediary via a chain authorisation. By means of a chain authorisation, online (government) affairs are arranged by DB&P on behalf of your organisation in a reliable and secure manner. In addition, the safety of the entrepreneur is guaranteed.

We will send you the chain authorisation registration form via our supplier Z login. With the chain authorisation registration form you authorise De Breed & Partners for all services and counters for 5 years. As soon as you receive this e-mail from Z login, you must print the attachment, have it signed manually by the duly authorised signatory and send it to Z login by post together with a copy of the identification of that person. They will carry out various checks and, if agreed, digitally activate the chain authorisation so that we can continue to do business for you online.

De Breed & Partners choose Z login because Z login has a clear portal in which an intermediary can easily monitor the issued chain authorisations at a glance. In addition, the procedure for applying for chain authorisation via Z Login is relatively simple for a customer. Z Login focuses on making the chain authorisation process as efficient and simple as possible for both customer and intermediary.

Option 1: Chain authorisation via De Breed & Partners (Z login), General authorisation (5 years, all services and counters). Costs: € 19.95 per year (paid by DB&P).

- Submit a (subsidy) application for each scheme at any time (without delay in connection with applications for separate chain authorisation).
- Retractable at any time.
- Chain authorisation is arranged from De Breed & Partners via Z login.

Option 2: Chain authorisation per subsidy application
A separate chain authorisation must be issued for each counter / subsidy application. Additional costs for this will be charged.

Option 3: Chain authorisation through your eHerkenning supplier
You arrange the chain authorisation yourself through your eRecognition supplier. The options are: a general authorisation for 5 years or a separate chain authorisation per year for each desk / subsidy application.

Option 1 is the simplest and most efficient option to issue the chain authorisation. We therefore recommend this option. If you choose option 1, we will pay the costs for the chain authorisation. If you want to make a change to an existing chain authorisation, extra costs will be incurred.

If you grant De Breed & Partners a general authorisation (all services for 5 years), we will bear the costs of € 19.95 per year. If this full authorisation is not granted, a new chain authorisation must be requested for each application and associated counter. Additional costs will be incurred for this.

A chain authorisation is valid for a maximum of 5 years. After that, the chain authorisation must be re-issued.

If you record a chain authorisation for 5 years, it is possible to stop the authorisation at any time in the interim.

As soon as the Digital Government Act comes into effect, arranging subsidy (applications) by an intermediary is only possible with a chain authorisation. The paper power of attorney is therefore replaced by the chain authorisation.

Process chain authorisation via Z Login

Mail via Z login

Via Z login you will receive an e-mail from us with the chain authorisation attached.


Chain authorisation form

The pre-completed enclosed chain authorisation form should be printed and signed manually by the legally authorised person (s) of your organisation. A digital signature is not accepted.


Copy of ID

Make a copy of your valid proof of identity and enclose it with the chain authorisation form.


Send chain authorisation form to Z Login

Send the signed form by post to Z login. The address is stated on the form.



When the checks have been completed by us and Z login, the chain authorisation becomes active and we can continue to do business online for you.


Questions about the chain authorisation?

Arranging the chain authorisation is very important. In this way we can continue to do business for you as normal. Any more questions?  Contact us directly!

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