Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

Invest in energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy? The Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) gives you a tax advantage and a lower energy bill.

Invest in energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy? The Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) gives you a tax advantage and a lower energy bill.

Frequently asked questions regarding the EIA

The Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) is intended for Dutch entrepreneurs who invest in energy-efficient methods and sustainable energy. Eligible assets within EIA are business assets that meet the conditions set out in the Energy List 2023. Energy advice related to the investment may also be included.

The following energy investments are eligible for EIA: industrial buildings, processes, means of transport, sustainable energy, energy balancing, energy transition and energy advice. A specific overview of investments within these categories is elaborated in the Energy List 2023.

Your taxable profit in 2023 is €200,000. The corporate tax rate is 19%. In 2023, you invest in sustainable energy, eligible for EIA. The investment amounts to €80,000. Because you can deduct 45,5%, the amount will equal €80,000 x 45,5% = €36,400. This amount may be deducted (extra) from the taxable profit: €200,000 - €36,400 = €163,600

You must report the investment to the RVO within 3 months of entering into the investment obligation. Because there is a lot involved in submitting an application, we are happy to help you. We act according to the no-cure, no-pay principle. If the subsidy is not awarded, no costs will be incurred.

There are a number of steps you have to go through to be eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance:

1. Apply for e-recognition: to log in to the RVO e-counter you need e-recognition. Level 1 e-recognition is sufficient for applying for EIA.
2. You can submit the application via the RVO e-counter. You must keep your login details, purchase invoice and code on the Energy List 2021.
3. Keep the statement that you receive from the RVO. You will need this when you file a tax return.

With years of expertise in the field of EIA, we can provide you with appropriate advice and support during the application process. We take the administrative work off your hands.

It is important to have the most important data (as shown below) ready, so that we can work for you.

- Name, address and RSIN number
- Quotation/ description of the technical specifications of the equipment
- Order confirmation
- Commission date for operating equipment

The business asset/ facility must meet the criteria as described in the Energy List. The order confirmation must not be more than 3 months old.

Only taxable companies (corporate taxable or income taxable) can use the EIA scheme. In practice, this means that non-profit organizations and private individuals cannot submit an application.

EIA may not be combined with the Environmental Investment Allowance for the same investment amount.

An asset cannot qualify for both schemes. If you receive an ISDE subsidy for an asset, you cannot apply for an EIA subsidy for this asset.