Innovation credit

Do you develop products, processes or services that are ‘new’ from a technological point of view, and that offer a good commercial future?

Step-by-step plan Innovation credit


If you want to apply for the Innovation Credit, a quick scan must first be completed at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


To request

Within a week you will hear whether your application is assessed as positive or negative. In the event of a negative estimate, you can still submit an application, but the chance of being awarded is then small.



The RVO checks the completeness of the application. Is everything delivered? Then an intake interview follows. Next, The RVO assesses whether the project is in line with the objectives of the Innovation Credit.



You will receive the final decision within 8 to 16 weeks after the application has been processed. The project can be assigned, assigned under conditions, or rejected.


To carry out

Is the Innovation Credit granted? Then the RVO adopts the proposed project budget.


Paying off

When the project is completed, the credit and associated interest must be repaid.


Ten years of Innovation Credit

  • In the period 2008-2018, 239 projects benefited from the Innovation Credit.
  • Of these, 168 were technical projects and 71, clinical projects.
  • This totals anl amount of €492 million.
  • The average amount per technological project is €1.8 million.
  • In particular, companies in the fields of High Tech Systems & Materials, and Life Sciences & Health use this scheme.