Apply for the WBSO subsidy 2020/2021

The Research and Development Work Promotion Act (WBSO), implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), promotes technical innovation in Dutch businesses.

Keep track of your WBSO administration

If you receive a WBSO statement, as an employer you are obliged to keep a balanced R&D administration and to report the actual R&D hours after the end of the subsidy year. The WBSO administration provides a clear overview of the nature, content, progress and scope of the R&D work performed per project. If several companies are involved in a project, then each company must keep separate records. 

A verification visit by the RVO

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency schedules random checks for companies that use the WBSO subsidy. When your company is selected for this, it can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, make it easy for yourself and the assessor and prepare well for this. Ensure good project administration and discuss with your DB&P consultant matters that may require extra attention.

Want to receive a WBSO question letter?

After your WBSO application has been submitted to the RVO, you will receive a positive WBSO statement, a negative WBSO statement, or a partial award no more than three months after the initial date of the application period. However, the RVO may still have questions regarding your application. In most cases this is done in writing, in the form of a questionnaire. This must be answered within two weeks. DB&P customers are supported in answering the questionnaire.

WBSO hearing

If your WBSO application is rejected after answering the questionnaire, you can object to this. This leads to a hearing. During the hearing you will elaborate on the project and explain its technical details. On average, 50% of objections are approved after a WBSO hearing.

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