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In a world where technology touches every aspect of daily life, innovation is paramount. Not only do we accelerate technological innovation, we make innovation as sustainable as possible.

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We innovate together. With a vision for the future.

Accelerating technological innovation and pushing boundaries requires a strong drive and good financing. We speak the language of entrepreneurs and understand the issues frequently encountered. We help entrepreneurs further and we find the right financing mix. 

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Why invest through De Breed & Partners?

  • 40+ years of experience in financing innovation
  • A vibrant team of approximately 50 finance professionals
  • You invest not only money, but also knowledge and experience
  • Receive expert guidance in the realization of your return objectives
  • Expand your network
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These are the people behind De Breed & Partners

Our team consists of 50 professionals who do everything to make technological innovation as sustainable as possible.

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Innovating together is what we stand for. This is why we join forces with partners and networks in the fields of financing and taxation, innovation and technology. In this way we can expand our knowledge and offer a wider range of services.

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