Guidance in your search for financing

Doing business in the technology industry is expensive. That is why we guide entrepreneurs in the search for financing.

No matter how innovative your company is, obtaining funding hinges on the quality of the application. That is why good guidance in this process is essential. We are happy to help you, so that you as an entrepreneur can spend time on other matters.

From notification to aftercare

We guide you through the entire financing process. This starts with drawing attention to subsidies and other financing options that are interesting for your company. If we decide to submit an application for a financing form together, we will take care of the entire application, including substantive and technical chapters.

Is the funding awarded?

Then, we ensure that your company can benefit from the financial advantage as soon as possible. If the financier has any additional questions? In this case, we will of course take care of correspondence.

Finally, we take care of the entire final settlement and, of course, we also offer aftercare. This will include answering questionnaires from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, or conducting an audit visit in which we will assist you.

Looking for financing?

Consultant, Koen Ferket, is happy to assist you in your search for financing.

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