A free financing scan

On the basis of a scan you will get a clear insight into the financing options available for your company.

We would like to talk to you in order to make a good scan. This usually takes place by phone, but it is also possible for us to visit you, or for you to visit our office. We require some information: basic data such as the company form and the number of employees, but of course key financial data too. 

What can you do with such a scan?

The financing scan is a nice first step towards financing. Because we always strive for a financing mix, we not only look at subsidies or tax benefits, but also, for example, at informal investing, credits and crowdfunding. Thanks to 40+ years of experience, we know exactly where the opportunities and possibilities lie, and we are happy to help you.

Hoping to arrange a financing scan?

Curious where the financial opportunities lie for your organization? Please contact consultant, Farah-Addin. He can make a good estimate of the possibilities available for your company. 

Call +31(0)76-565 4321