Financing per business phase

An entrepreneur in the initial stages of launching a business has very different financing requirements to a small and / or small business with expansion plans. We understand this all too well. That is why we are happy to look at the possibilities for your organization with you. Are there any subsidies that you qualify for? Can an investor offer a solution? Could you apply for a loan? Or are there tax benefits you can take advantage of? Together, these different forms of financing can form a nice financing mix.

Let us advise and guide you

Finding good financing is essential for success. That is why we take financing issues seriously. We speak the language of entrepreneurs and understand both technical and financial issues. This enables us to properly assess where the opportunities lie for your organization. We not only take work off your hands, but also submit high-quality applications. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you. 

Discover the possibilities

Starting entrepreneur

As a starting entrepreneur you need starting capital. An investor, WBSO, early phase financing or crowdfunding can offer a solution in this case.

Finance your start-up



To give your scale-up a financial boost, you can consider WBSO, innovation box, MIT subsidy, innovation credit, an investor or loan capital.

Finance your scale-up



There are various financing options for innovative SMEs in the Netherlands, such as the WBSO, MIT and the innovation box. But you can also consider European subsidies, a credit or an informal investor.

Finance your SME business


Need advice?

When you are looking for growth financing it can be quite difficult to determine where to start. Consultant, Koen Ferket, is happy to look for a suitable financing solution for your company.

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